Welcome to the Gangdong-gu Office website. I am Lee Hae-Sik, mayor of the district.

We are living in an information society where no one can seem to lead his/her daily life without connection to a digital environment. In that sense, the online world has become another reality.

Therefore, this website is another Gangdong-gu Office in practical terms. I hope that you will get access to diverse information and convenient services you need on this webpage without having to visit our physical office.

Either offline or online, we will always be ready to communicate with you. Please visit us anytime and engage in conversation with us.

Please be assured that more than 1,200 civil servants of Gangdong District, including myself, will continue to do our utmost to build Gangdong District we all love so much into 'a sustainable happy city' for all.

Thank you.

Governer's photo

The Mayor Lee Hae-Sik