Godeok Traditional Market

Called ‘Last Stop Market' since it is located in a place that once was the last stop of the 500 bus, Godeok Traditional Market grew alongside the neighboring residential complex.

It has been famous for its food stands throughout the alley, which boast of various snacks and street foods.

Thanks to the efforts of the merchants' association and residents' association, the stores of the market were renovated into container design boxes.

In 2012, it was registered as a recognized market.

Today, there are 56 design box street stalls in operation and are thriving, selling fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

The merchants' association of Godeok Traditional Market holds a gimjang and free meal event twice a year for senior citizens living alone.

About Godeok Traditional Market
  • Main goods: Fruits, vegetables, fish, clothing alterations, and foods, etc
  • Size: 230m in length, 89 stores
  • Merchants' association: 02-427-4567
  • Location: 10, Godeok-ro 83-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
  • Transportation

    Subway: Exit No. 2 of Sangil-dong Station, Line No. 5

    Bus: 81, 83, 340, 351, 370, N30, 2312, 3212, 3318, 3321, 3411, 3412, 3413, Gangdong 02, and Gangdong 05