Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival

With the purpose of promoting the value of Seoul's Amsa-dong Prehistoric site (National Historic Site, No. 267), the largest village-sized site among the remains of the Neolithic age in Korea, we hold a festival every autumn.

Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival, where the prehistoric era is restored with the power of imagination of modern society, is an opportunity to connect ourselves with prehistoric men.

Since 1996, the festival is being held every October.

It is a festival featuring Edutainment where people can learn about the Prehistoric era through playing, education, and experience.

We invite you to Prehistoric Culture Festival that is full of things to see and enjoy with its wide range of programs.

“Great Adventure back in the Prehistoric Era” is the most distinctive program of the festival, where around 1,500 local residents participated in it.

It is the largest street parades of its kind in the world, and played a role for establishing a firm foundation for a sustainable and successful festival.

It is also an exemplary case where the local festival has successfully developed into a brand.

Not only that, ‘Prehistoric flash mob' and ‘Prehistoric family dance party', which were not rehearsed in advance but were held spontaneously on-site, are aiming to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, since those are great events worthy of being recorded and remembered.

Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival has been highly praised as being one of the best festivals in Seoul; it has also been awarded at the Pinnacle Awards, known as the Olympics of festivals, in 5 different fields.

Now, it surely has become an internationally-renowned festival.

pinnacle 2014

In 2014, Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival received awards in five areas, such as Promotional Film (Gold medal), Promotional Booklet (Gold medal), Photos (Silver medal), Poster (Bronze medal), and Invitations (Bronze medal) in the Low-budget Festival category (less than $25,000 in budget) at the Pinnacle Awards, where more than 1,500 festivals from over 30 countries applied for.

In 2015, it was awarded the 「2015 Innovative Tourism Event Award (second-half)」 and 「2015 Korea Myeongga

Masterpiece Award」, and in the ‘2016 Korea Consumer Awards', it won in the Consumer Administration category.

With participants increasing exponentially every year, Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival has now become the most iconic local festival both in name and reality.

Moreover, Seoul's Amsa-dong site for prehistorical remains is now preparing for being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and to become heritage for not only Koreans but also all of humanity.

By interpreting the cultural values of prehistoric men into education, experiential programs, and art performances, we look forward to Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival becoming listed as a UNESCO World Heritage and to become a festival of the world combining culture and tourism, along with Gangdong taking a bold leap forward towards becoming a sustainable and happy city.

About Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival
  • Period: 3 days every October
  • Location: Seoul Amsa-dong Prehistoric site (875, Olympic-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea)
  • Subject: Residents of Gangdong-gu
  • Event details: 80 programs in 6 fields (Cavemen street parade, experiential school for the Neolithic archeology)
  • Website :