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Life in Gangdong is beautiful. What makes it so? With a camera and a bicycle, I go in search of the real beauty of Gangdong. Gangdong where the Beautiful Live. Shhh! This is where prehistoric people have slept for 6,000 years. I close my eyes and listen to Gangdong history. Can you hear it? The breathing of our ancestors. Can you see it? The hopeful looks on people's faces and the endless green-way. Can you feel it? The freshness of Gangdong. The gentle breeze and bright sunshine. Gangdong makes you happy. "Whenever I come here, I feel alive. I become one with nature, breathing in the scent of herbs and walking on natural green grass. Such happiness is a luxury." The real beauty of following nature's rules can't be captured with a camera. So, just enjoy the moment. I stop taking photographs, and immerse myself in nature to find what I really want. This is a part of green Seoul. Here the people become one with nature. Gangdong is a place where people can rest. All roads in Gangdong are paths of communication. Communication with no obstructions. Communication with nature. Communication between people. Communication with the world starts in Gangdong. Gangdong opens up new roads. And little by little I learn how to communicate with the world. Gangdong, a place where future dreams come true. And new developments are taking place. The people's smiles come alive showing the true face of the city. I'm already looking forward to seeing the future of Gangdong. As Gangdong is a newly designed city, I can see its renaissance under the blue sky. The homes are set in nature. Culture and leisure always come together. Embracing the Han River in its heart, Gangdong is an eco-friendly city of the future. The serenade for the people, the exciting rhythm of activities, and the passion and energy of the people burst into life! I always learn modesty from the people in these places. Like the dream of living until 100 years old with good health and happiness. At Gangdong English Center, children dream of the future and being global citizens. Bright students find out how to learn on their own through special classes suited to their aptitudes. At Gangdong's schools,meals are prepared with carefully selected organic products. We can see the parents' relieved smiles and children's laughter. Gangdong tries to realize the dreams of happy and healthy families. I may not seek it but I am moved by what I see. I feel that the wisdom of the world is valuable as the warmth of the people surrounding Gangdong. I'm already angling my camera at the beauty of Gangdong. Real beauty comes in just enjoying the moment. Taking photographs in search of something. The hope and happiness evident in Gangdong. These are the things that mean real beauty to me. This is the real beauty of the people that I've found. Gangdong Where the Beautiful Live.