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To make Gangdong a happier place for everyone,
I will always work hard with the same initial heart and mind.

Welcome to the website of Gangdong-gu.
My name is Lee Jung-Hun , mayor of Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

Korean people in the Neolithic period began to form communities in Gangdong-gusome 6,000 years ago.This place has seen the birth of comb-pattern pottery,the most innovative and artistic culture of human history, and the beginning of the 350-year long history of the Kingdom of Baekje in Wiryeseong.

Thousands of years have passed, yet Gangdong is still considered "the best city to live in."Boasting an outstanding ecological environment in which humans can harmonize with nature, Gangdong is a charming living space with high-tech industries thriving alongside invaluable cultural heritages.

Gangdong will be reborn as the "People`s Special City."

Gangdong will become a borough where all citizens live equally, safely, and comfortably.With your active participation and continued support, we can build a truly bonded community within Gangdong.

This website will help promote harmony and communication between you and the Gangdong-gu Office.This will not only be a space for the office to easily and swiftly share information, but it will also be a platform to help us connect with you as you let us listen to your invaluable opinions.Please be assured that the Online Mayor`s Office will always open to you around the clock.

A happier Gangdong for everyone!For a warmer community with happier citizens,I and all the other public servants of Gangdong-gu Office will work hand inhand with you as we walk down the road.

Thank you.

Governer's photo

The Mayor Lee Jung-Hun